iAM Music Executive Director

iAM Music   Durango, CO   Full-time     Administration / Clerical
Posted on May 4, 2023


The Executive Director is the Chief Executive Officer of iAM MUSIC. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors, and is responsible for the organization's consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. The Executive Director is the principal policy advisor to the Board of Directors, providing highly responsible leadership, and performing managerial and supervisory work in planning, organizing, and directing the operations of the organization. The following outlines the major roles and responsibilities of the Executive Director of iAM MUSIC in: Financial Management; Fundraising; Communications; Staff Relations; and Program Development & Administration.

It is the expectation of the Board of Directors that the Executive Director will identify and perform other roles and responsibilities as needed, or as requested by the Board of Directors. In Financial Management, the Executive Director will: 1. Develop and maintain sound financial practices and controls. 2. Work with the staff, Finance Committee, and the Board in preparing a budget; ensure that the organization operates within budget guidelines through monthly reporting to the Board. 3. In conjunction with the Board, ensure that adequate funds are available to permit the organization to carry out its work. 4. Maintain adequate insurance and ensure appropriate risk management practices to protect iAM MUSIC’s assets. In Fundraising, the Executive Director will: 1. Oversee and implement the fundraising strategy. Maintain direct involvement in development efforts and provide oversight to staff engaged in development activities. 2. Oversee the preparation and submission of grant applications and reports to foundations, corporations, and government agencies. 3. Engage and lead the Board of Directors in fundraising activities, including corporate sponsorships, major donors, special events, and any other related activities. 4. Ensure that all contributions and other support are acknowledged as appropriate; ensure that iAM MUSIC maintains accurate and complete records of financial contributions and other substantial support.

In Communications, the Executive Director will: 1. Fully inform the Board on the condition of the organization and all important factors influencing it. The Executive Director is the conduit for information exchange between the Board and other staff. 2. Oversee the publicizing of the activities of iAM MUSIC, its events, programs and goals. 3. Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with community groups and organizations. 4. Represent the programs and point of view of iAM MUSIC to agencies, organizations, and the general public. 5. Ensure effective communication with iAM MUSIC’s constituencies: volunteers, staff, board, members, program participants, community groups, and the general public to achieve iAM MUSIC’s Mission and Vision.

In Staff Relations, the Executive Director will: 1. Ensure that sound human resource policies and practices are in place. 2. Ensure that the recruitment, training, employment, and release of all personnel are accomplished in an efficient manner and follows the human resource policies and practices of iAM MUSIC as well as Colorado State Law. 3. Maintain and lead an effective management team. 4. Encourage and implement staff and volunteer development and education, and ensure that financial support for professional development is included in the annual operating budget. 5. Maintain a work culture that attracts, retains, and motivates a diverse staff of highly qualified, knowledgeable individuals who embrace the Core Values and Guiding Principles of iAM MUSIC.

In Program Development and Administration, the Executive Director will: 1. Ensure that iAM MUSIC has a long-term strategic plan, which is implemented in a timely manner and monitored on an ongoing basis, so that iAM MUSIC makes consistent progress toward successfully achieving the goals of the plan. 2. Provide leadership in developing program, organizational and financial plans with the Board of Directors and staff, and carry out plans and policies authorized by the board. 3. Promote active and broad participation of volunteers where appropriate iAM MUSIC’s work. 4. Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the industry. 5. Oversee the development and effectiveness of iAM MUSIC programs according to Vision and Mission of the organization. 6. Oversee the implementation of a system of data collection and reporting for iAM MUSIC’s programs and departments. 7. Lead, enable and support staff in developing and implementing iAM MUSIC’s standard operating procedures and protocols and evaluating these in accordance with the Vision and Mission of the organization. 8. Ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations; ensure that iAM MUSIC maintains official records and documents.

Required Qualifications: Education: Minimum of a bachelor's degree in non-profit management, business, finance or human resources.

Experience: Minimum of three (3) years of experience in working in the field of non-profit management.

Knowledge/Skills: Demonstrated success in fundraising, finance, HR, team management, Other: Passion for arts and culture, ability to be an ambassador for iAM MUSIC’s mission, strong track record of effectively leading and managing organization and staff, strong written and communication skills, self-directed, adaptable, with a persevering approach to facing new challenges. Strong marketing, public relations and fundraising experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders and cultures. Ability to convey a vision of I AM MUSIC’s strategic future to staff, board, volunteers and donors.

Preferred Qualifications:

Education: Bachelor’s degree preferred or relevant work experience accepted. Experience: Minimum of (3) years management or supervisory experience, preferably a public facing leadership role.

Other: Past success working with a Board of Directors with the ability to cultivate existing board member relationships and willingness to operate with a team approach. Ability to convey a vision of iAMUSIC’s strategic future to staff, board, volunteers and donors

Salary: Salary budgeted at $55,000-$65,000 for a full-time position. Deadline: Applications received by May 1, 2023 will be given full consideration. The position will remain open until filled.

iAM MUSIC does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or veteran status. Accordingly, equal opportunity for employment shall be extended to all persons.