Brakeman for the 2023 Season

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad   Durango, CO   Full-time     Education
Posted on March 8, 2023
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The Durango & Silverton Railroad is hiring brakemen for the 2023 season. Brakemen are components of train operating crews. Seasonal from May – October with potential for advancement/full time employment. Physical capabilities evaluation and zero tolerance drug policy. 

Description Division/Department: Operating Department

Job Title: Brakeman

Reports To: Trainmaster/Road Foreman of Engines

Type of Position: Non-Exempt/Hourly

Classification: Seasonal

Compensation: $16-$20

Location: Durango, Colorado.

Summary: The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is seeking Brakemen for the 2023 Summer Season. Brakeman is an entry level railroad Operating Department position. Brakemen are a component of a train crew who work primarily on board our passenger trains, but also on freight and maintenance trains. The Brakemen on each train work under the supervision of the Conductor and assist him to ensure the safe operation of the train and the comfort of our passengers. This position is seasonal between May and October. Candidates who excel may be considered for advancement and/or year-round, full-time employment. A Brakeman’s duties include but are not limited to assisting in the building and makeup of train consists, inspection of passenger cars, performing air brake tests, setting handbrakes, coupling of railroad cars, coupling air hoses, lining track switches, communicating via radio with other train crew members and the Dispatcher, using hand and lantern signals, and providing customer service to and speaking in front of groups of passengers. Brakemen will also assist passengers in boarding and de-boarding the train. They may collect tickets from passengers, stow passengers’ baggage, backpacks, and freight in boxcars, baggage cars, or other designated storage areas, place and retrieve wheelchairs in and out of wheelchair lifts, and respond to passengers’ questions about the railroad. Brakemen should possess strong customer service skills, be able to work in a team atmosphere, and take instruction from Conductors and other senior staff members. They are expected to be neat and clean in appearance, report for their shifts promptly by the designated times, and exhibit pride in their job. Our trains make 100 mile round-trips to Silverton and 50 mile roundtrips to Cascade Canyon. Each shift can last up to twelve hours, and Brakemen typically work 4 to 5 days per week. Overtime and extra shifts may be available. Candidates must be able to work full-time from May through August, at a minimum, for consideration. Scheduling will include weekends and holidays. Candidates must be able to read, understand, and apply all D&SNG Safety, Operating, Airbrake, and Timetable rules. Training will be provided for newly hired Brakemen beginning in early May. A second class in late May might be added based upon demand. This includes classroom sessions, field training, and student trips. All uniform items will be supplied except for steel toed work boots (for which there is a $100.00 reimbursement), belts, and watches.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Successful completion of training and testing on D&SNG operating, safety, airbrake, and timetable rules. Reports for duty on time, dressed in a clean, freshly laundered uniform, is neat in appearance, and in possession of all items necessary and required by rule for service. Complies with Federal Railroad Administration Hours of Service laws. Assists and takes instruction from Conductor. Assists with passenger safety and comfort. Communicates and interacts with passengers and other train personnel. Opens and closes boxcar and baggage car sliding doors; loads and unloads backpacks and freight items. Assists with passenger ticket collections. Lines switches, both stand and flop over style. Operates railroad car hand brakes. Couples and uncouples cars, connects, and separates air hoses, and applies and removes derail devices. Deploys and secures wheelchairs in and out of wheelchair lifts. Assists with minor repairs.

Education, Skills, and Work Experience Requirements: Familiarity with train operations and equipment is preferred but not required. Experience working on or around heavy equipment is preferred but not required. Comfort and confidence interacting with the public. Customer service skills. Prior experience with customer service is preferred but not required. Is comfortable with public speaking and can deliver safety speeches and other messages to passengers. Is focused and attentive to detail. Demonstrates good judgment. Functions well within a team environment. Remains calm, composed, and even tempered in highly stressful situations. Must pass physical capabilities evaluation. Must pass pre-employment drug screen and comply with zero tolerance drug policy.

Work Environment: Must wear all required personal protective equipment. Works schedules which are often erratic including holidays and weekends, with shifts that typically last up to 12 hours. Standing and walking about a moving train for up to 12 hours. Ascending and descending train steps and ladders. Walking on uneven, graveled surfaces which are wet, slippery, and sloped, while carrying a lantern, flashlight, and other tools as necessary. Lifting, lowering, and carrying tree branches, rocks, and other obstructions from track. Shoveling dirt, rocks, and snow when necessary. Frequent to occasional lifting, carrying, and lowering of equipment or materials weighing up to 75 pounds. Using hand tools, including but not limited to shovels, wrenches, hammers, and hydraulic jacks. Navigating safely in and around a railroad yard and industrial environment. Working outdoors, in all types of weather, in daylight and darkness. May be required to operate firefighting equipment.