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Posted on September 20, 2022
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Market Manager Job Description:

The Market Manager is responsible for organizing, promoting, and operating the Durango Farmers Market (DFM) under supervision of the DFM Board of Directors.

The following are performance requirements for the Market Manager. It is expected the Market Manager will perform in a professional, timely, friendly, and responsible way. These requirements may be modified depending on the needs of the Market as determined by the Board of Directors, or from requests/suggestions from the Market Manager to the Board of Directors.

Day-to-Day Operations:

1. Respond to DFM related emails, phone calls, and messages in a timely fashion. Direct any Board of Directors and/or Bookkeeper related issues in a timely manner.

2. Use market management software to collect vendor applications, preview and prepare them for DFM Board review. Notify all vendors of approval or rejection.

3. Investigate and follow up on any opportunities for publicity, media attention, interviews, blogs, free advertising, etc.

4. In a timely manner retrieve, read, respond to and distribute mail from the PO Box. Forward to Bookkeeper and Board when necessary.

5. Communicate with all market members, at least on a monthly basis, news, reminders, requests or other pertinent information.

6. Communicate in a timely manner with the Board of Directors on market status, issues, concerns, questions or other relevant topics.

Organize & Operate Weekly and Seasonal Markets:

1. Set up, break down and clean up the DFM Info Booth, benches, trash, signs, etc.

2. Prepare Market Vendor map.

3. Collect Booth Fees. Collect DFM Market Bucks, Women Infant and Children (WIC), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) reimbursement requests from vendors on the last Saturday of each month.

4. Provide quality customer service and help provide healthy vendor relations. Receive grievances and convey them to the Board of Directors for consideration as needed.

5. Manage Information Booth.

6. Manage SNAP, DUFB, WIC programs or other similar programs as they are identified. Distribute and collect food assistance program contracts and paperwork.

7. Promote and sell Market Bucks.

8. Promote and sell DFM merchandise.

9. Coordinate Agricultural Incubator program.

10. Recruit new Agricultural and other vendors as needed.

11. Create Artisan Schedule, contact Artisans for additional fill-in dates, review and schedule Info Booths, and work to create a filled-out market.

12. Ensure vendors have a current City of Durango Business License and liability insurance, ensure vendors are displaying a current Vendor Information Card, ensure Ready to Eat Food and/or Beverage vendors are labeling and/or displaying local ingredients.

13. Enforce DFM Rules and Regulations.

14. Act as a liaison as needed with local, state, or federal regulatory agencies.

15. Manage and hire market assistants and recruit volunteers.

16. Work with La Plata County Fairgrounds office and/or TBK Bank on securing seasonal market spaces. Organize, promote and operate two seasonal markets. Seasonal markets are a Thanksgiving market in November and a Holiday market in December.

17. Be present as Market Manager at all seasonal and regular season markets. One or two regular season markets may be covered by the Bookkeeper, qualified assistants, and/or trained Board Member with advance notice to and approval of the Board of Directors.

18. Organize Weekly Music Performances:

a) Book a different musician or band for each week, providing a variety throughout the season.

b) Book occasional dance performances and coordinate set time with the band.

c) Act as MC, introducing and thanking bands and any other performances, welcoming everyone to market in the morning, and making a call for tips to the band at the end of market.

d) Set up DFM sound system and canopy for the Music Booth.

e) Sound-check band or musician and balance sound, keeping volume at appropriate level allowing for conversation at booths.

f) Break down and pack up the DFM sound system and canopy.

g) Organize, book, provide sound, and MC Music Stage at the DFM Holiday Market.

h) Publicize each week’s music through the Telegraph, DFM social digital media accounts, local concert calendars, or the like.

Advertising, Public Relations, and Promotion

1. Coordinate newspaper, magazine, radio, banner, poster and other print advertising within approved budget. 2. Distribute market posters downtown, other Durango locations, and to outlying communities via vendors (distributed at Spring Meeting & Thanksgiving Market).

3. Update and maintain website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Write and distribute monthly digital newsletter during market season. Utilize other appropriate social media venues to promote the market as needed.

4. Interview with any news agency upon their request. Review request with the Board of Directors if needed.

5. Act as a DFM representative in local food system meetings and relevant community events.

6. Work with TBK Bank or other site host personnel on any need that arises.

7. Assess merchandise needs and review any new product line purchases with DFM Board for approval on theme and budget.

8. Seek and fulfill other promotional opportunities.

9. Promote, solicit and administer the Community Sponsorship Program in coordination with the Board of Directors.

10. At the direction of the Board of Directors, participate with established committees, e.g., Welcoming Committee.

Coordination with Bookkeeper:

1. On a weekly basis, give Bookkeeper the following: Vendor Booth Fee Receipts; Merchandise Sale Receipts; Market Bucks Sale Receipts; SNAP & DUFB Sale Receipts; Cash Expense Receipts; Debit and Credit Card purchase receipts; Market Map.

2. Collect Market Bucks, SNAP, DUFB, WIC or other vouchers from vendors on a weekly basis, or the last Saturday of each month and turn into Bookkeeper for redemption.

3. Record all traded Market Bucks to community partners by an invoice (e.g., KSUT) to ensure accurate bookkeeping of the offsetting expense.

4. Review with Bookkeeper any insurance policy, business license, trailer registration, dues, or payment requests prior to committing to services.

5. Complete a merchandise inventory as needed by the Bookkeeper.

6. Assist the Board of Directors in yearly budget planning.

Other Responsibilities:

1. Maintain good working relationships with Bookkeeper, DFM Board of Directors, vendors and customers.

2. Attend and contribute to DFM Board meetings unless excused by the President of the Board of Directors. Exercise strict maintenance of confidentiality regarding meeting content. At these meetings present a Market Manager’s report on operations, news, future plans, or other information.

3. Secure a summer and winter site for the DFM trailer. Coordinate trailer transportation and parking.

4. Work with TBK Bank or other site hosts to ensure the DFM site is maintained to their standards.

5. Be able to multitask and organize market operations, be proficient in computer word and data processing programs and possibly graphics programs, email communications, time management, task organization, organizing a team, direct communication with market assistants, vendors, customers, and other members of the public that may interact with the market.

6. Must be able to lift and move 40-pound tent weights, set up tents, tables, benches, trash cans, signage, music sound system, and other equipment before and after market. Be able to walk about the market for several hours in cold, hot, rainy, or windy weather.

7. Non-market day duties to be performed from the manager's home. No office or office equipment provided.

8. Train a replacement Market Manager for two weeks before receiving a final paycheck.

In order to maintain effective communication and oversight, the DFM Board of Directors may conduct periodic evaluations of the Market Manager on these job requirements.

Compensation: An annual salary between $20-25,000 to be distributed on a monthly basis. The Board of Directors reserves the right to pay a portion of this with Market Bucks. Final salary will be offered depending on qualifications and experience.


Applications due 11/5